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Deputies also noted that there were several other times in the surveillance where the victim is seen pressing his shirt on the back of his head and wiping an area of his elbow after the fall. Biddy admitted to hitting Taylor, pushing him back and causing Taylor to fall after giving the victim several warnings to get out of his face.

The altercation came four days after Biddy and another inmate, Virgle Sparks, were re-arrested on drug charges while incarcerated after deputies executed an early morning cell search where Biddy was housed.

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Officers on the previous shift had been notified by other inmates that Sparks, while serving weekend jail sentences, had been smuggling drugs and paraphernalia into the jail. The contraband was later identified as heroin, pills and a lighter. It was also reported that a lighter was seen being lit while smoke was seen coming from their cell.

Biddy stated that he had taken the pills off the ground but did not know what they were but a urinalysis test revealed Biddy was positive for morphine. Valley Electric Association Inc. It was previously announced that Dawson had resigned.

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Return to Top. Carson City Sheriff E. When Detectives interviewed Mrs. Radomski offered to give the suspect a short ride to the tire shop as she knows the owner.

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When she exited her vehicle she left it running and motioned for the suspect to get out and come with her into the shop. She then saw the suspect slide over to the driver seat. She reacted by trying to run back toward the driver side of her truck and the suspect then accelerated and struck her with the truck fleeing the area and heading south out of Beatty where he was later apprehended by NSCO. The suspect after being arrested allegedly made many spontaneous statements about stealing vehicles in Las Vegas. Radomski down was stolen from Las Vegas.

Deputies and Detectives also confirmed through LVMPD that he had allegedly stolen another vehicle before stealing this one he drove to Beatty. It is unclear at the time of this press release when he had exactly arrived in Las Vegas but did say he had a boarding pass which was confirmed with that pass still on his person for June 19th at hours.

Che also had a passport on him listing his address in Canada along with several denominations of canadian currencey on his person. Due to the alleged statements made by Che and his alleged mutli- jurisdictional felony crime spree he was involved in, the Las Vegas Metro anti terrorist team was notified and responded to assistance with the investigation.

Che as well as interpol for any possible information on Che as he has no criminal history in US until now. This case is on going and further information regarding the validity of possible weapons of mass destruction WMD utterences from the suspect will be be released as soon as information becomes available. Che remains in custody. A 28 year old Nevada man who once prosecuted drug offenders, now appears to be on the other side of the law. Timothy Treffinger was arrested this weekend after the service of a search warrant in Pahrump.

The subsequent search of the premises produced Heroin and various types of drug paraphernalia. Lewis attempted to conceal and destroy heroin he had in his possession upon his arrest. He was also found to be under the influence of several types of narcotics. Charges include possession of a controlled substance heroin , possession of drug paraphernalia, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and destroying or concealing evidence.

Deputies learned that Klipple had been communicating with the girl through social media before picking her up on the morning of her disappearance and before she was able to arrive at school.

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Detectives developed several leads to believe the suspects may have been on their way to northern Nevada with the child at that time of the report. NCSO Detectives and Deputies in Pahrump and Tonopah immediately began an intensely coordinated investigation, involving numerous resources and agencies to locate the suspects and the abducted girl.

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Several unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Klipple, but Detectives eventually spoke with Tammy Ehart by phone, who provided false information about her identify and location in order to avoid apprehension and prevent the recovery of the child. The coordinated investigation eventually led to information that the suspects had concealed the child in a moving van and were now attempting to return the child to Pahrump once it became clear that the investigation was closing in on them.

Detectives and Deputies eventually located the van in Tonopah and located the child within. She was uninjured and turned over to her family. Klipple and Ehart were taken into custody. The motive for this abduction remains under investigation however it appears Klipple was falsely attempting to convince the child that he was her biological father.

Although the suspects are familiar to the child and her parents, Detectives are nevertheless advising parents to always be vigilant regarding the activities of their children on social media websites and with who they are communicating online. A traffic stop in Tonopah Nevada leads to a foot pursuit and eventual arrest of a man wanted out of Texas.