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Edgefield County Corrections — Look for people currently serving time in the Edgefield county corrections center. Find out if there is someone you been released or see if they are due to be released. Located in Edgefield, South Carolina. Look through the complete list of inmates or search for someon you know in jail. Find out why someone was arrested and see if they could possibly be released soon. Look at bond amounts and see if the charges they are facing are felonies or misdemeanor charges. Located in Effingham, South Carolina. Georgetown County Inmate Search — Find out who was arrested today.

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Look at the most recent arrests and also see who has been in jail for awhile. Look at the inmates charges, see when exactly someone was booked into jail, and see the arrest pictures. Look to see if there is anyone charged with a felony, see who is charged with violent crimes and see who went to jail for drugs.

Located in Georgetown, South Carolina. Find all the information you will need about anyone currently in custody and being held in the Greenville county jail. See all the charges filed against the inmates and see if there is an amount for bond or a possible release date.

Located in Greenvilee, South Carolina. Horry County Jail Bookings — Find all the people arrested within the last 24 hours and also see all the people recently released from custody.

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Look through inmate booking pictures, see the arresting agency, and the inmates booking ID number. Find out what charges they were booked on. See if someone is in jail for murder, see who is charged with DUI, and see if there are any repeat offenders.

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Located in Conway, South Carolina. Kershaw County Inmate List — See if someone in your family is in jail or see if they have been released from jail. Find out who was recently arrested and see when the date of the arrest was. Look through the people in jail by searching a name, find someone in jail by looking at mugshot pictures, and see who is in jail facing felony and misdemeanor charges. Located in Camden, South Carolina. Find out what you need to know for visitation, adding money or funds to someones commissary, and find out all the available court dates and times.

Located in Lancaster, South Carolina. Laurens County Jail Inmate Information — Look through the Laurens county inmate roster and find all the people currently in jail. Find information related to the person in jails case. See the charges filed against someone recently arrested and see if they are capable of being released or bailed out. See who is charged with armed robbery, look for people charged with possession of a gun, and see who has felony charges.

Located in Laurens, South Carolina. Complete an inmate search to find individual people or look at the complete list of people in jail. Scroll through the inmate mugshots and see complete arrest details.

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  • Gaffney Police Jail Inmate Lookup | Free Inmate Search.
  • Located in Bishopville, South Carolina. Want to see if you know anyone in jail or want to see who was arrested? Look through the up to date inmate roster and see all the inmates currently in custody. Find the arresting agency, see the date of arrest, and see the primary charges filed against people in jail. Located in Lexington, South Carolina.

    Marion County Current Inmates — View the current list of inmates in custody at Marion county jail and also see who was released from jail within the previous year. Find the inmates jail information.

    See what cell block and the cell number for the people in jail. Click through the list of names and see charges, view booking photos, arrest date and inmate ID numbers. Located in Mullins, South Carolina. Newberry County Jail Inmate Locator — Need to find information for an inmate currently locked up in the Newberry county jail?

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    Also see the amount of the bond assigned to them for each charge. Located in Newberry, South Carolina. Orangeburg County Jail — Find all the information needed to see who is in jail. Review all the terms and conditions for adding money to the commissary and what other ways of contact there is available for someone in jail.

    Located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

    Cherokee County Detention Center, SC Jail Roster

    Pickens County Inmate Roster — Search the Pickens county detention center inmate list to find all available information for each person in jail. Complete a by name search to find certain people or conduct the search for all inmates. See what crimes people are committing where you live. Find people charged with burglary, see if there are any charged rapists, and see if who was arrested for possession and selling of drugs. Located in Pickens, South Carolina. Find the inmates jail ID number, view available mugshot pictures, see what crimes someone was charged with, and find out the amount of money to make bail or bond.

    Located in Columbia, South Carolina. Spartanburg County Booking List — Find out if there is someone you know currently serving time in the Spartanburg county jail. Find the mugshots for everyone in jail. Click through the inmates pictures to see when they were arrested and what crimes they committed. See if there is anyone in jail charged with dealing drugs, find people with felonies and see if anyone is a multiple time offender.

    Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Quickly find out what crimes were committed, see the date someone was arrested, and find out agency of law enforcement arrested them. Located in Sumter, South Carolina. Look through the Union county jail roster to find out who is in jail and see if there is anyone you know that was arrested.

    Scroll through the entire list and click on names of the inmates to see what charges they are facing. Find people charged with robbery, see people in jail charged with home invasion, and see if the crimes are classified as felonies or misdemeanors. Located in Union, South Carolina. York County Inmate Roster — Check the York county jail to see if someone you know was recently arrested and look to see if someone in jail is still locked up. Find out all the information available on the person in jail. See the arrest date and time, find the city someone was arrested in, and the arresting agency.