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This measurement includes all closet space, hallways, and interior staircases. Attached garages are not included in the square footage of living area, but valued separately. Living area above attached garages is included in the square footage living area of the dwelling. Living area above detached garages is not included in the square footage living area of the dwelling but is valued separately.

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This method is used on all residential properties in Brazoria County to ensure the uniformity of square footage of living area measurements district-wide. There can be a reasonable variance between the BCAD square footage and your square footage measurement, especially if your square footage measurement was an interior measurement or an exterior measurement to the inch.

Office of the Chief Appraiser Ms. Cheryl Evans, RPA. Privacy Policy.

Texas officials revoking property tax exemption granted to Arkansas candidate's nonprofit

Hitchcock may not seem like a ritzy resort rolling in money, but don't tell that to the Galveston County Tax Appraiser. It turns out that property values in Hitchcock are increasing by Among hamlets in Galveston County, Galveston is second with a The countywide increase was 8. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a third of property taxpayers have filed appeals to challenge their appraisals.

This is yet another example of how a rising tide of property taxes is watering down and, in some cases, even more than counteracting the recent statewide property tax cuts. Unless real appraisal relief is implemented, we will end up with the worst of both worlds — a growing new state tax burden on business and uncontrolled local property tax burdens on homeowners and business. Thirteen municipal pension systems in Texas are enshrined in state statute. This means that, locally, Texans across the state are paying taxes into pension systems that they have no control over.

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Even worse, even the most menial changes to these systems must be approved by the legislature before going into effect. This gives municipalities days every two years to coordinate all stakeholders to push for change. Instead of working with their local pension board for temporary resolutions, they either have to go to the legislature for changes or redirect tax dollars from other local projects. Local government entities should have direct governance, and responsibility, for the pensions of their municipal employees.

The state should return control to local entities, as long as the local process proves to be accountable and transparent to taxpayers and municipal employees. Under that process, agencies begin at their previous appropriation amount and are provided increases to account for rising costs, population, etc. Such a practice is inherently flawed because it rests on the assumption that the particular agency is running efficiently and revenue is spent appropriately. In addition to enabling waste, fraud, and abuse, the process is also rigid and slow to adapt. The answer to this should be a zero-based budgeting system.

Under that process, the state budget is wiped clean every time and is re-calculated as if starting from scratch. That way, departments, agencies, and other government entities find it much tougher to spend your tax dollars inefficiently because they cannot count on current levels of spending to be maintained.

By implementing zero-based budgeting, lawmakers could make government smaller and more efficient for taxpayers. Once a government employee joins a public union, the state allows dues to be automatically deducted from employee paychecks and transferred directly to their respective union. In the hands of unions, the funds are primarily utilized to advocate against business-friendly, free market, and pro-taxpayer legislation. By continuing this practice Texas further emboldens unions. In states where union members manually contribute their dues on a regular basis, unions have seen a sharp decline in membership.

Government collection of union dues also presents a conflict of interest. State and local officials are charged with negotiating contracts with unions who lobby, donate, and campaign within the same political realm. By abolishing the practice of government-collected union dues, union members would still be able to contribute to associations of their choosing — the cost burden would simply fall on the unions themselves.

Galveston County, TX Property Tax information

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the collection of funds that are essentially used to lobby against polarized, anti-free market ideals. In a free-market system, customers are often loathe to spend money at businesses that reinvest their profits towards political aspirations they find abhorrent. Unfortunately, no such freedom exists when local governments decide to use your tax dollars to lobby the state legislature.

Citizens have little recourse when it comes to paying the taxes decided on by their local officials — and none whatsoever when it comes to how that money is spent. What is most egregious about the practice of tax-funded lobbying is the policy goals these lobbyists seek. Taxes become delinquent on February 1 , therefore never wait for a tax bill to pay taxes.


Section Many taxpayers pay by December 31 for income tax purposes. Should the last day of month fall on a weekend or holiday, payments will be accepted the next business day. Tax bills are usually mailed the same time each year. If you have not received a tax bill by December seek out the information. How do you do that?

You can print a bill from our website www. We will be more than happy to assist you. The two taxing entities have the same account number because this is your property account number. It is how the property is identified. I was told when I turn 65 I do not have to pay school taxes, is this true?

When you turn 65 you receive an additional exemption that helps lower and freeze the amount of tax that you pay, but it does not eliminate the tax. In some cases, if the exemption amount is greater than the property value there may not be a tax for that property.

Can I make partial payments on my school taxes? Once you receive your tax statement in October you can make partial payments on the current taxes up until January 31st.

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The balance will be due by January 31st unless you are set up to pay quarterly.