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Los Angeles County Most Wanted:. Los Angeles County Sex Offenders:. Los Angeles County Official Website:. Los Angeles County Birth Records:. Los Angeles County Cemetery Records:. Recent court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings. Shawn Coleman v. County of Los Angeles et al. Avery v. Los Angeles County Tax Collector. James Thompson et al v. Coleman v. Rodrigo De Casas v. Avini v. How do I find a record of arrest of deceased person who was arrested in in Manhattan Beach Ca?

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Police records that are no longer in an active case or investigation are generally easier to obtain since confidentiality is no longer an issue. Police reports can be directly requested from the law enforcement agency which made out the report. In certain cases, the criminal case file can contain a copy of the police report or incident report. Can I get my divorce records online? Try attorney services which file and retrieve cases for others if you don't have a way to get to the courthouse.


How do I find my old rarest records in Los Angeles county? You can go to the LA county sheriff's site and see how to do it in person or by mail. You can also see what you will need to obtain one.

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Criminal case files can contain a copy of the arrest report. The case file from the court house can be easier to retrieve than an arrest report from a law enforcement agency. How do I find what charges are against someone out on bail? The case should be filed at the court house, which are considered public records. They may be open to the public, however, you will still have to go and get them dig them up. Do I have any judgments against me for unpaid debts? There's a link above [Los Angeles Court Records] which will land on the court's webpage. How would I go about finding if someone died in home I'm renting?

Many stories in periodicals mention local crimes, and serious crimes even more so. You can seek them out by doing a search of the street name or name of building complex over and over using different formats on the web or at local libraries. Also, there's a difference between a peaceful deaths and whether it was a crime.

A peaceful death would most likely not show up unless it was a publicly known person, not to mention the fact that many residences have had people pass away naturally while inhabiting it. I'm trying to find the plot in a cemetery in East LA where my friend was buried in.

I don't remember her last name but she live in merced St. LA She was 9 yrs old n killed in a garage fire. Another boy was also killed. It came out in the news but I was only 8 yrs old. Please help it was in She was my best friend. The same house is still there but her mother n brother moved after her death? Claudia, have you tried going to your local library and requesting a copy of the newspaper that reported the tragic story in ?

Since the 9-yr old died in the fire, most likely her full name was made public in the paper, and that should give you a clue as to what name you need to search your friends burial site, and perhaps the closest cemetery to where she lived is where she is buried, however, call the various cemeteries and give them her name once you have it, and they will direct you to her plot, which will probably be in the area where people's ashes are buried.

Good luck, and I extend my sincere sympathy. How can I get a copy of my marriage certificate from in LA county? The LA county registrar recorder county clerk provides marriage records that go back as far as You can request them online, by mail or in person. It's the same department. The "Records" has a marriage request link. Where can I find Traffic-related arrest records or logs? Crime mapping can show you DUI arrests among other crimes. How do I obtain records of my criminal report? I believe someone has used my name because now there is something on my background check that is stopping me from gaining emoloyment?

If there was a criminal report taken by the LASD, you can request it from there. Here, in part, is what the sheriffs page says: "incident reports are released only to victims named in these reports or those specifically authorized to receive these reports". My deceased husband, I am told, has an inheritance I am unaware of Property. How can I locate this property? Have you checked for deed recordings? Names or the name of the trust itself are shown on recorded deeds? A deed search from county recorders can be under names or addresses, lot number etc. Los Angeles county does not allow for online searches for deeds.

The two methods available are in person at their Norwalk location for Los Angeles county recorded deeds or by mail. How far back do you have crime history information?

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I am interested in knowing if anything criminal happened at my address? Crime mapping shows criminal activities in a particular area by street and address, however, those are recent incidents and crime reported by police departments, they only go back so far, you can check it out and see how far back they go. I was able to do a search of Tarzana going back nearly a year and hadn't reached the end yet. You will be able to narrow it down to the block, however, you'll get to see the report number to request the full report if you need to. Where can I find my divorce decree from Long Ca ?

Regardless of the city, divorces and related filings are at the county level courts in California. The Los Angeles county's court website has online public services you can use to begin your search, including finding cases online. Since the records are probably too old to show up on the web, you will need to go to the court to get them. There are court services that will do that for you, often used by attorneys. They're independent companies that are delivery services familiar with the courts' procedures and filing system. How can I find out When my bankruptcy was filed and discharged?

The search can be based on the parties' names, or any keyword. You can try as many times as you wish and sign up for updates. All of this can be done without paying. There's no guarantee of finding everything that has ever been filed, but as a free search, it is definitely something to consider doing.

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Criminal complaints official charges filed? Charges are filed in criminal courts by the Los Angeles district attorney's office. Complaints, either criminal or civil are court records, which are deemed to be public. You can go to the courthouse in person or look up case information online.

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