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This is for Florida violations only and the election is made through the Florida court in the county in which the person received the citation. Florida commercial driver license holders are not eligible to elect completion of a driver improvement school to avoid assessment of points for traffic citations, regardless of whether the violation was committed in a commercial motor vehicle. Why is personal information in the record blocked? DPPA is designed to limit public access to your social security number, driver license or ID card number, name, and address.

Personal information protected by DPPA does not include date of birth, driving violations, and driver status. The department automatically blocks the personal information in your motor vehicle and driver license records. Florida Statute public records allows for certain individuals in sworn or high-risk positions ex: law enforcement officers, judges, and other public officials to have their address and date of birth blocked, making this information exempt from DPPA upon request using form How long do entries stay on the record?

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Citation dispositions of adjudication withheld clerk of court called school elections are retained for 75 years with only allowed up to 5 in a lifetime and for compliances, 75 years only allowed up to 3 in a lifetime. See sections Suspensions and Revocations may vary ex: 7 years, 10 years, etc. Alcohol related entries have a year retention period.

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Serious commercial driver license violations may vary ex: 10 years, 55 years, etc. Disqualifications may vary ex: 7 years, 55 years, etc. Why is the original issue date on my record showing my last issuance date when I have had my license or ID card for much longer? If the license or ID card has been expired more than 18 months and there are no entries on the record to cause it to be retained, then the record purges drops off from the system.

At the next driver license or ID card issuance there is no associated record on file, so this current issuance becomes the new original issue date.

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To correct this date the department will need proof of an earlier license or ID card issuance. What are the different types of actions on the driving record?

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Revocation — the termination of a driving privilege. Suspension — the temporary withdrawal of a driving privilege.

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Administrative Suspension — the departmental withdrawal of the driving privilege. Cancellation — the act of declaring a driving privilege void and terminated.

Disqualification — the withdrawal of the privilege to have a commercial driver license. Withdrawal — the withdrawal of a driving privilege in another state. This action may be a suspension, revocation, cancellation or disqualification in the other state.

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What are the different types of citation dispositions on the record? Guilty — convicted of a violation or having been found guilty. Estreature — bond was posted to guarantee an appearance in court, but then the person does not appear. Forfeiture — the person who posted bond does not appear for court and forfeits the right to contest the ticket. Woo," born on May 1st, , and "Christopher R. So someone born in will be 2 , as will someone born in I assume if the birth year is a or that the result is 00, not , but I don't know.

X - Checksum - This cannot be calculated until you know the rest of the license. Once you have all of the rest of the license characters the following equation will determine the checksum. Look up your birth month on this table. There are two options.

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