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Every case is different. Pellikaan believes that not every case is a trial case. When contemplating a trial, there are factors other than legal issues. She becomes your partner in dealing with this potentially serious and stressful charge, giving you the knowledge you need to make empowered decisions. Pellikaan also represents persons in challenging DMV license suspensions for failing or refusing the breathylizer, in entering DUI Diversion and, of course, in circuit or municipal court on the DUI charge itself.

If you failed or refused the breath test, you received a Notice of Suspension. At the bottom of the Notice of Suspension is your temporary permit; keep this with you, as it allows you to drive for the 30 days between your arrest and when the suspension goes into effect.

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On the back of the Notice, at the very bottom, is information on requesting a hearing regarding the suspension. You should fax the request, so that you have confirmation the office received your request. If you hire Ms. Pellikaan to assist you with your DUII charge, she will fax the hearings request on your behalf at no additional charge. An attorney is not required for the hearing, and many people choose to represent themselves at the hearing, but you should discuss this with your attorney to determine any legal issues you might have.

Remember, the hearings are tape recorded and conducted under oath, so anything you say at the DMV hearing could be used against you if you take your DUII case to trial. Even if you plan to plead guilty to the DUI charge, you should still request a hearing. If, after the hearing, the judge upholds the suspension, you may apply for a hardship permit.

However, the hardship permit does not cover the entire suspension period.

Even if Oregon does not report your suspension say because you entered diversion , your home state may still learn of an implied consent license suspension through the National Driver Register sometimes referred to as the National Driver Registry. The National Driver Register the "Register" serves as a central repository of information on individuals whose privilege to drive has been revoked or suspended or who have been convicted of serious traffic offenses.

The records maintained in the Register consist of identification information including your name, date of birth, gender, driver license number, and the reporting state. The substantive information—the reason for the suspension or conviction and associated dates—resides in the reporting state.

State motor vehicle departments can query the Register to determine if an individual's license or privilege has been withdrawn by any other state. All 50 states and the District of Columbia participate in the Register. You can request your record from the Register here. An ignition interlock device IID is a computerized breath analyzer that connects into an automobile ignition system. See generally ORS State law now requires most persons in the DUII diversion program to install an ignition interlock device during the one year diversion period that the person has driving privileges.

If you enter diversion with a BAC less than. Effective January 1, , the court may agree to relive some persons in diversion of the IID requirement after six months of installation. Speak to your diversion lawyer for more information about applying for early termination of the IID requirement.

Contact one of the IID installers in your area to arrange for installation. If you're in the diversion program you need not install an IID if you will not drive at all during the one year diversion period.

What Does Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants Mean In Oregon?

However, if you're caught driving without an IID, you risk getting terminated from diversion. You may also be cited for a Class A traffic violation and face a substantial fine. To end an IID requirement, all drivers required to have an IID will have to provide proof a "no negative report" from the IID provider that they have not had a negative tampering, lockout, early removal or test violation report for the last 90 days of the IID requirement. If a driver cannot provide this proof, the IID requirement will be extended indefinitely until you can provide proof.

Noncompliance of an indefinite IID requirement does not result in a suspension, and it does not prevent license issuance.

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However, it can result in a citation for failure to install an IID. Some medical conditions may relieve drivers from installing an IID. You generally do not need to install an IID in an employer owned vehicle if the vehicle is driven for work purposes. You will have to inform your employer of the IID requirement and carry written proof of the notification. Oregon does not use a point system. If you accumulate enough convictions on your driving record, you face a suspension or revocation under one of these programs.

Committing a new offense while you're on probation for a previous crime creates two problems. First, you face the new DUII charge. Second, you face a probation violation hearing for failing to "obey all laws" a standard condition of probation. In Oregon, adult arrest and suspension records are "public records" and are subject to disclosure upon written request. Some Oregon lawyers and other service providers make public record requests from government agencies in order to obtain a list of persons arrested for a DUII offense.

Experience Is Necessary

Keep in mind that even though these records are "public," individual records are usually not accessible unless specifically requested. Therefore, you can get a DUII on a bike, moped, motorized scooter, pocket bike, electric bicycle and even a Segway. Oregon's implied consent law only applies to motor vehicles however.

Unfortunately, yes. Arrest records including mug shots are public records. Any person paying a fee can request and receive this information and republish it.

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Many local governments also put this information on websites where individuals copy and republish it. Your best chance at relief may be provided by ORS A. A Were resolved through acquittal or otherwise without a conviction;. B Were reduced to violations; or. C Following conviction, were expunged or set aside pursuant to court order. Simply put, most traffic offenses cannot be vacated, expunged or sealed under Oregon law. DUII arrests and other traffic crime arrests may be expunged if the charge was dismissed other than diversion-related dismissals or if the prosecutor declined to prosecute no-complainted the case.

However, DUII convictions and dismissals resulting from the successful completion of the diversion program still cannot be sealed or expunged. You may expunge this DUII arrest right away assuming you meet the other expungement eligibility requirements. You went to court, and the case was called as a "no complaint. Your DUII was dismissed after one year following your successful completion of the diversion program. You cannot expunge this arrest. If your insurance company finds out about an entry into the diversion program or a DUII conviction one of two things are likely to happen.

Either your insurer will raise your rates or you may be cancelled or non-renewed. Of course, it is possible that your insurance carrier may not find out about your DUII on their own. If your insurance company misses the diversion or conviction at the time it happens, it generally has three years to cancel your policy or raise your rates because of the DUII.

An SR is a certificate An SR is a certificate from your insurance company which shows that you have liability insurance. An SR is proof of "future responsibility" and is posted to your Oregon driving record. If you cancel your insurance or the insurance company cancels your policy before your suspension period is over, the company must notify DMV that the certificate is canceled.

You will need to get a new SR certificate on file with DMV within 30 days or your license will be suspended. Also, your insurance must cover all vehicles both operated by you and registered in your name. If required, you will need to file an SR even if you don't own a vehicle or your license will be suspended.