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The victim told police the last thing she recalled from the bar was drinking a dark, yellow colored liquor from a shot glass. The victim told police that the next thing she remembered was waking up with Kantor forcing himself on her.

2 Maryland Men Charged With Violating Conditions Associated With Being Placed On Sex Offender Regist

She said she was completely naked and disoriented during the ordeal, and uncertain where she was. The victim told police that she believes Kantor raped her twice, and took pictures of her naked body.

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Much of the information derives from official records, but some is gathered from the offenders themselves who are required to register with local law enforcement in each county where they live, work, attend school, or own property. It is your responsibility to make sure the records you access through this site pertain to the person about whom you are seeking information by working with law enforcement or other criminal justice authorities as appropriate.

Based on information submitted, a person whose name appears in this registry has been convicted of a sex offense or a violent offense or has been adjudicated a delinquent child for an act that would be a sex offense or violent offense if committed by an adult.

Information in this registry may not be used to harass or threaten offenders or their families. Harassment, stalking, or threats may violate Indiana law.

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Local sheriffs maintain and update sex offender registration information including the information found on this site. They will be able to assist you directly or will refer you to another department if necessary to answer the questions you may have.

Contact information for sheriff departments can be found here. For more information about the Indiana registry laws, refer to Indiana Codes , You can also contact the Indiana Department of Correction if you have questions about Indiana registration laws. Washington St.