Elvis vinyl records price guide

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Vinyl Records Value - What Are Your Records Worth?

Related Articles. Aug How The Great 78 Project is saving half a million songs from obscurity. Mar Rare Robert Johnson 78rpm test pressing up for sale on eBay. Dec The majority of the values were excessive. Fortunately, this was a relatively easy issue to deal with in most cases: as I said, I simply lowered the assigned values of hundreds of overpriced titles!

As with the OW album book, I was loathed to cause too much sticker-shock with the lowering of values.

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I found the record at a collector show in Los Angeles in early Yes, the garage sale is a staged photo, but it remains my favorite cover on any of my books. So I bought it. Woe unto me! I eventually traded it for some items that I knew I could move. This was not an isolated incident; it happened over and over again.

Here Are the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth

There are eight articles on this site explaining the various books I published for record collectors. They are best read in the following order, which is roughly chronological:.

Super Rare Elvis Presley Records: Jailhouse Rock LP South-Africa (1972)

Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and other iconic musicians and bands have highly priced records even after they stopped recording. Which brings us to:.

Step 1: Identify The Record Version

Scarcity is a dynamic subject when discussing vintage records since there are various factors that contribute to its definition. Their condition.

Because unlike wine, time passed does not equate value creation. Additionally, the inverse of what we spoke on regarding scarcity occurs here.

Step 2: Evaluate The Condition

Sometimes a record is sold in abundance, is well-kept throughout the years, and does not experience a notable appreciation. Mainly, it is the uniqueness of a given album that truly drives value; why they were produced, the time and place, etc.

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold

There are many factors that fall beneath this category. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all, meaning they vary dramatically.

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Then again, the price is up to the seller. If they tend to differ, are there any standout characteristics that contribute to the price divide? Or is it merely subjective? Counterfeit articles became a thing in the s when shady individuals wanted to make a quick buck replicating common records. In those days, it was easy to tell the difference between an original vinyl and a fake.