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The public can use this Website to educate themselves about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities. Information from the various Jurisdiction Websites is not hosted by the Department, and the Department has neither responsibility for nor control over the information available for public inspection or search from individual Jurisdiction Websites that are accessible through this Website.

The Department does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained in Jurisdiction Websites regarding specific offenders or with respect to the omission of information about other offenders who may be residing, working, or attending school in the vicinity of any location that is the subject of any search using this Website. In this regard, the Department accepts no responsibility or liability for damages of any kind resulting from reliance on this information or lack thereof.

Level 1 and level 2 offenders must register for 10 years; level 3 must register for life.

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Offenders must register for 10 years, sexual predators for life, but can apply for relief from registration after 10 years. Offenders convicted on or after August 1, must register. Address information on offenders may be out of date as registration is not required.

Out of state offenders who move to North Dakota will not be found in the registry. Any offender who was incarcerated as of July 1, , or who was convicted on or after July 1, , or who was required to register under the prior sex offender registration law must register. Habitual offenders for 20 years: all others for 10 years. Offenders who were convicted on or after November 1, must register as sex offenders. An offender who receives a second conviction after November 1, is designated as a sexual predator.

Sex offenders must register for 10 years, sexual predators for life. Offenders who were incarcerated or convicted on or after October 3, for certain sex offenses must register. All offenders must register for life. Although after 10 years they can apply for relief from registration. Offenders who were convicted, incarcerated, on probation or on parole on or after January 21, must register.

Sexual predators must register for life, unless relieved of the duty by the court. Individuals convicted of certain sex crimes who were convicted or incarcerated on or after July 1, must register. Any person convicted or released from prison after January 1, for certain sex offenses must register, this includes juvenile offenders as young as 12 years of age.

Amendment in requires some juvenile registration. Offenders convicted, incarcerated, on probation or on parole for certain sex offenses on or after January 1, must register.

United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website

Offenders must register for life, but after 10 years can apply for relief from registry. Persons, including juveniles, convicted of certain sex offenses who were incarcerated or under supervision on or after September 1, for crimes committed after September 1, must register. Sexually violent predators must register for life. Offenders convicted of certain sex offenses after April 29, must register. All offenders must register for 10 years.

Offenders convicted of certain sex offenses who were under the supervision of the Department of Corrections as of July 1, or were convicted after this date must register.

Offenders must register for 10 years, after which they can petition the court for relief from registration. Adult individuals found within the registry are included solely by virtue of their conviction record and applicable state law. Effective July 1, , juveniles over the age of 13 at the time of offense, who are tried as a juvenile and are adjudicated delinquent, are also included within the registry if the trial court determined that the circumstances of the offense require offender registration and ordered the juvenile to register.

Offenders convicted of certain sex offenses who were in custody, on probation, or parole on or after July 28, must register. Depending on the level of offense, offenders must register for 10 or 15 years, or until relieved of duty by the court. August 4, an emergency legislation passed authorizing sex offender registration and community notification until such time a permanent law could be passed. Class A representing the most serious offenses. Offenders are included in the registry solely by virtue of their conviction record.

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  7. Class A registrants are Lifetime registrants. Class B and C are year registrants. Offenders convicted of certain sex offenses retroactive to the effective date of the law must register. Their records go back unlimited. If the victim was a minor, or the offense was violent, or the offender is a repeat offender, registration is for life. The state withholds information on less serious offenders.

    All offenders who are convicted of any included offense or whose compliance is mandated by the court, shall be required to register with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. This includes juveniles, probationers, parolees, adult offenders entering Wisconsin supervision from another state, adult offenders leaving Wisconsin supervision to another state, and persons entering this state under a federal, tribal or military conviction for a sexual offense. Individuals convicted of certain sex offenses committed after January 1, must register. A court hearing must take place to designate offender as moderate or high risk.

    Information on low to moderate risk offenders is not widely disseminated.


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    What about sex offender records?

    How can I obtain a criminal history report? National Sex Offender Registry and Criminal Background Checks Sex Offender Check — Overview of the Sex Offender Registry system and why you should include an SOR check when you do a criminal background check… How the United States Sex Offender Registry System works… Sex offender registration as pertaining to the United States is a system that allows each state to keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders living in their respective state.

    Are you a single Mom or Dad with children? You have a duty to protect your baby! Has your new neighbor taken a special interest in your child, is he or she a convicted child molester or abductor? Check our criminal database we offer comprehensive background records for sex offenders and other violent criminals. Protect yourself, your family, and your children.