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It was also a sundown town, where black people had to be out of town by dark or face arrest, threats or violence.

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Officials in Waverly created East Jackson by corralling any newcomer they deemed to be black because of their appearance, or by second-class status because they were laborers or housekeepers, into the smaller town. Some forced to stay in East Jackson were not black, but because they all lived in East Jackson, grew up together and were treated as black by law, a community that identified as black took root. They married across racial lines, and had multiracial children. Over generations, as fewer black people sought this area out, black heritage thinned out. But black identity did not.

The town functions as a microcosm of what African Americans have had to deal with in America, says Dr Barbara Ellen Smith, a professor emerita who has spent much of her career focused on inequality in Appalachia.

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He told her he was Irish but also told people he was black. Her mother, a homemaker, identified as black, though the only reason she considered herself black, as her daughter does now, is because of her great-grandfather Thomas Byrd. They sent Shreck to Waverly after the elementary school in East Jackson closed, just as all the families did. I think it was just where we had come from. Until Oiler was born in , when residents of East Jackson went into Waverly, they were not allowed to use bathrooms in town, her mother told her. Oiler says when she was in high school in Waverly in the s, even teachers picked on students from East Jackson, and seemed surprised when they answered questions correctly.

Those experiences continued well after adolescence.

The first time Oiler went to a new doctor in the s, she marked black for her race on an intake form. Furious, Oiler told her she was black, and that that was the end of the discussion. Oiler ticks off her black ancestors on her fingers: grandmother, grandfather, mother. Her grandma was half Native American and half black, and her grandfather identified as white.

She says her other set of grandparents were similar: grandfather was black, grandmother was white. Being treated like outsiders and identifying as people of color, Oiler and Shreck, like many in this township, have chosen to stand behind their identities. They do it proudly, despite having heard people refer to their community as trash and the slums as long as they can remember. They say niggers. In recent years, some East Jackson residents have shifted their identity. Until a few years ago, she lived as a black woman.

She has even obtained an identification card that proclaims her new status, even though she has never taken a genetic test to confirm it. She looks over at her husband, Brad, sitting in front of the television, who has generally been quiet for the past five years after suffering a stroke. Brad is paler than most residents in East Jackson, and would easily pass as white, but he is from a prominent family in the community which has identified as black since anyone can remember.

But of her eight children, only three still identify as black. Four others, like her, identify as Catawba Indian, and her son, Jeff — who dons a dusting of freckles and a red afro — identifies as white. Oiler has a daughter, Janelle Hines, who identifies as mixed. And this is how I figured out how to word where I lived when I was She knows this because she was on the phone with her friend while he screamed profanities and used the N-word.

Shreck also has one daughter who identifies as black, and one who identifies as white, she says, sitting in her usual chair, with her walker and oxygen tank next to her. However, as explained below, there are instances in which specific documentation is required based on who is requesting the record. The State Office and all county offices have public walk-in service; however, some county offices may be closed certain days of the week or sometime during the day.

A surcharge and expedite fee applies for credit card payments. Only birth and death certificates are available.

Application To Correct Factual Errors [Section 27 (3)] In The Birth Certificate (Peninsular)

Order online or by phone with your major credit card: VitalChek Third Party Vendor Response Time: Weeks and up to 5 business days on all expedited orders. Click here for a list of County Offices. Note: It is not possible to request a birth certificate from the State Office by email or telephone.

By law, all vital record search requests must be signed and submitted. To request instructions for correcting a vital record, call the Contact Center at A person born in the state of Georgia who is not certain that their birth was filed, should request a certified birth certificate either in person or by mail. If the record is on file, we will issue a certified copy. We cannot look up a record over the phone to determine if it is on file or its content.

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Only Georgia birth records are filed and issued by this office. To obtain a birth record for an applicant not born in Georgia, contact the vital records office in the state of the applicant's birth. There are two separate steps required to obtain an apostille copy or an exemplified copy of a Georgia vital record:. First, obtain a certified copy of the record using any of the usual procedures, but state that you need a copy with an "original pen-in-hand signature.

There is no additional charge for a copy with an original signature.

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We must know at the time you request the certified copy that you need to obtain an apostille copy or an exemplified copy. It is helpful to include the name of the foreign government that will be using the document. Then, after you have received a certified copy with an original signature, deliver that copy to the appropriate agency along with the current fee.

For current information about the fee and location to obtain apostille copies, you may call the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Authority at or visit www. This agency is not affiliated with the State Office of Vital Records. Fees are non-refundable after a service has been provided; Georgia Code authorizes us to maintain the fee for the search itself. Georgia law requires pre-payment before a record or a service can be provided. Records are sent first class mail. No special filing fee is required during the first year of birth to amend a birth record. There is a surcharge for online vendors.

Note: Do NOT send cash in the mail. Make certified checks and money orders payable to State Office of Vital Records. Skip to main content. Who may request a Birth Certificate?