Catholic finding heart holiness home in motherhood

I am far from thinking I have already won. All I can say is that I forget the past and I strain ahead for what is still to come.

Mother Angelica’s Basic Guide to Holiness

I have made you a light for the nations, so that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth. Acts Find some of her other writings here on Catholic Exchange.

She remains one of the most popular figures and personalities on Catholic television as well as a powerful witness for Christ. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press.

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  3. Holiness for Housewives: And Other Working Women.
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  5. Mary’s Holiness.

Email Login. Catholic Exchange. Holiness in a Nutshell To be changed is conversion. Who Is Called to Be Holy? You are called to holiness. Subscribe to CE It's free. Derek Rotty 7 months ago. Most Shared. All rights reserved. Design by Perceptions Studio. This involves eliminating personal prejudices and judgements against those who are different from us and from those with whom we may disagree. To do this demands continual conversion of turning away from self.

When we recognize the truth that all women and men are made in the image of God, then we too can do something beautiful for God. Mother Teresa did this hands on by attending to the physical needs of everyone no matter their religion or their social caste. She broke down the walls of division whether they be racial, economic, religious or cultural because she saw the face of God in everyone.

This was no easy task for her nor for any of us.

Yet, her saintly example encourages us to see the face of God in everyone. To rid ourselves of the barriers we erect between ourselves and others.

Holiness for Housewives: And Other Working Women by Hubert Van Zeller

Yes, this can be very challenging for us, especially since we are bombarded in the media with examples of those who want to build walls between peoples and our world and some communities are plagued by acts of senseless violence. Like Mother Teresa, we can grow in holiness by seeking the presence of God in everyone. He only asks us to do small things with great love.

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  • Small things done out of love. Even great love. To show the charity of Christ to all. Again, a challenge?

    See a Problem?

    You bet. Also involved in this love are the poor. Those who cannot ever repay what they receive. Mother Teresa saw in the poor of Kolkata the thirst of Christ which she quenched with acts of mercy. She saw Him in the homeless, the addicted, prostitutes, the unwanted, the child in the womb, the dying.

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    She saw in them Jesus in a distressful disguise. Her response?