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Collection currently includes years , June , and July Available information includes the full name of both parties, date and county of marriage, and the Vol. Payment required to view digital certificates. The Cook County Clerk's Office hosts this pay-per-view Web site to access their birth certificates 75 years or older , marriage licenses 50 years or older and death certificates 20 years or older.

Searches are free. Payment is required to view digital copies of the actual certificates. Covers Cook County and the City of Chicago.

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Indiana Marriages, Free Indexed in partnership with the Indiana Genealogical Society, this free online name index includes details taken from marriage returns and licenses for the counties of Adams, Blackford, Decatur, Franklin, Henry, Huntington, Owen, Rush, and Sullivan. Earlier death records including mortuary records, registers of death and return of death are also available for many counties.

Kentucky Birth Index Paid Ancestry. Kentucky Marriage Index Free An index to about 2. Louisiana Deaths, ; Free This free name index to Louisiana Deaths from FamilySearch includes statewide death records for all parishes for Earlier death records available only for Jefferson Parish, and Massachusetts Death Records, Free A free name index and digitized images of Massachusetts statewide death registers and certificates from FamilySearch. Births currently completed, marriages complete through and deaths still to be added in the future. Michigan Death Records, Free The Seeking Michigan collection from the Library of Michigan features nearly 1 million digital images of death certificates online for free searching and viewing.

Use the "Search Digital Archive" box at the top of this page to search this and other Seeking Michigan collections. Michigan Deaths, Free A free name index and digitized images of Michigan statewide death registration entries from FamilySearch. Michigan Births, Free A free name index and digitized images of Michigan statewide birth registration entries from FamilySearch.

Michigan Marriages, Free A free name index and digitized images of marriages recorded in the state of Michigan from FamilySearch. Minnesota Death Certificates Index Free The Minnesota Historical Society has a great online index to Minnesota death records from death cards from to and death certificates from to Minnesota Birth Certificates Index Free A free index to Minnesota birth records from , and selected records from pre from te Minnesota Historical Society.

Minnesota Official Marriage System Free Free searchable index to marriage certificates from 87 participating Minnesota counties. Most marriage records date back to the s, although some counties have them back to the early s. Index links take you to an easy order form for purchasing a copy of the marriage certificate. Missouri Death Certificates, Free The Missouri State Archives steps up with this free index and digital images to statewide Missouri death certificates from New Mexico Death Records, Free FamilySearch has online a free name index to death certificates and records of death from the state of New Mexico.

Oregon Secretary of State

North Carolina Deaths, Free FamilySearch features a free name index and digital images of death certificates recorded in the state of North Carolina. Ohio Deaths, Free A free name index and digital images of Ohio statewide death certificates from FamilySearch.

Philadelphia City Death Certificates, Free This free online collection from FamilySearch includes a variety of digitized death records, depending on the time period: death certificates, returns of death, and even undertaker transit permits. Philadelphia Marriage Indexes, Free Digital marriage indexes online at FamilySearch are arranged by the names of brides and grooms with the year of marriage and license number. Fully searchable. FamilySearch includes information on coverage details in this article, with details on included records by time period and locality.

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Rhode Island Marriages, — Free A partial name index to birth, baptism, and christening records from Rhode Island, compiled from a variety of sources. Scroll down in this article on FamilySearch. Records are arranged by year and alphabetically by locality, and a searchable name index is also available.

South Dakota Birth Records Over Years Old Free More than , South Dakota births are searchable in this free online database of birth records from the South Dakota Department of Health, including many delayed birth certificates issued for people born before statewide registration began in Tennessee Death Records, — Free FamilySearch hosts this free searchable database, plus digitized images, of Tennessee death certificates from the beginning of statewide registration in This growing collection on FamilySearch is not yet complete -- browse the records to see what is currently available by county.

Texas Deaths, — Free Almost 9 million digitized records are included in this free collection of Texas statewide death certificates—including delayed certificates, foreign deaths, and probate obituaries—from the Texas Department of State Health Services in Austin, and hosted online by FamilySearch.

Texas Deaths, — Free Images of Texas statewide death certificates, including delayed certificates, are available online in this free FamilySearch. For a list of records by dates and localities currently published in this collection, select the "browse" feature. Also included are a few deaths occurring before where the remains were re-interred between and Utah Death Registers, — Paid Ancestry.

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You must be a member of the Society to access these indexes and the actual records which are linked from this index. The records are searchable in the same manner as the Mass.

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  6. Archives above, though the last name can be searched by Soundex. If you go to the library, there are book indexes in five-year blocks for births, , marriages, , , and deaths, They also have the amended birth records indexes for to 1 v. These indexes beyond are not generally available elsewhere.

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    This library and its many branches where you can borrow the microfilm for a small fee will have all the same records as listed above. You can access online for free:. This site has the statewide vital records index, that is searchable, but also browsable in its original form: separate birth, marriage, and death with separate indexes for each five-year period. This office only makes certified copies of vital records. There are several ways to purchases copies both online and in person. This office also has the amended birth records after v.

    There is a computerized index for the most recent records and five-year block indexes for births, marriages, and deaths onsite. Every five years, another block of five years is transferred to the State Archives and at the same time is made available through the Family History Library. These records are open to the public, with some restrictions on certain birth and marriage records. The original town copies are always open to the public. Divorce records have been handled by the probate court system since and commonly filed where the couple last lived together.

    These are public records with minor exceptions. There is a statewide index that starts in at the Registry listed above. Before that, the county Superior Court had jurisdiction. From to , all cases were administered through the Supreme Judicial Court. All these records are held at the Judicial Archives in the Mass. Archives facility. The earliest divorce records are scattered through a variety of courts who held joint jurisdiction.

    The Supreme Judicial Court created a fact sheet for the public in and the summary of it is below:. For the location of the records, use the chart below that was created by the Supreme Judicial Court Archives in :.

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    Like most all states, Massachusetts seals the records of adoption that include the original birth certificate with the biological parents. These records stay sealed unless opened by court order. Who can see this sealed information is limited by law. There is no way a person can know they are adopted without being told by someone. There are several registries online set up to assist adoptees and biological parents help find each other.

    To order your pre-adoption birth certificate , download the instructions and form. See the Historical Data table to identify these early documents. Once the two major colonies were settled i. Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony , land was distributed by their colonial governments through grants. Massachusetts Bay Colony established a county system in and land was recorded in the county deeds from then on. Plymouth Colony used a centralized system and recorded these deeds colony-wide from to until it finally established a county system in The land records for the area now called Maine were always kept separately first entirely as was later was called York County.

    For each of these areas, land was granted for many years after the initial settlement as the colony expanded into uncharted territory given to it under the various patents and charters. All subsequent sales were recorded by the county. Though the vast majority of land transactions were recorded, it was not a requirement that this be done.

    It was in the best interest of the owner to do so, and legal advantages were given to such recordings. To search for land records, see the guide for the county of interest and use the resources found there. For counties with online records, the "recorded land" is what is microfilmed and constitutes the majority of the records. There are "registered land" deeds that go through land court. These are deeds are court approved as having clear title i. It you do not find anything in the first section, always search registered land for deeds since This is the history of the court system.

    Columbia County Courthouse

    It is broken up into historical periods and then a discussion of special courts, records, legal definitions, and bibliography. Realize that except for the upper courts, all records and actions were on the county level. To find detailed information regarding a particular county's courts, see that county page from the links provided above. The Peirce Patent was a charter from the Virginia Company issued to the Merchant Adventurers in for the settlement of the Pilgrims in the northerly part of the Virginia territory.

    This patent was never in use because the Pilgrims settled outside this territory. From this single act, the group elected a governor and several assistants to govern them though we do not have knowledge of how that was decided.

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    On 17 December but recorded in , the first order of the Court was that all criminal acts, matters of trespass, and debts between men would be tried by a jury of twelve honest men. Historians have determined that they cobbled together Common Law and filled it in with Mosaic Law. The laws were first codified in and revised in , , and By , the Governor and seven Assistants were elected annually by the freemen of the colony for the term of one year according to the former custom and that constables and other inferior officers also were chosen.

    The Governor, Board of Assistants being seven freemen of the colony , and the freemen of the colony met quarterly as the General Court They functioned as the legislature and court. They heard capital cases of treason, rebellion, willful murder, conversing with the devil by way of witchcraft, burning of ships or houses, sodomy, rapes, and buggery. The Magistrate Court ? County Courts were established when the counties were created following the model of Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Charter of issued by the King established the General Court that met quarterly to make, ordain, and establish all manner of wholesome and reasonable orders, laws, statutes, and ordinances, directions, and instructions not contrary to the laws of England and to settle the forms and ceremonies of government and magistracy fit and necessary so that the people may be religiously, peaceably, and civilly governed.

    All the freemen met and acted as the General Court. The court chose annually the governor, deputy government, and eighteen assistants who acted as the Court of Assistants when the General Court was not in session and with its full authority to correct, punish, pardon, govern, and rule. Members of the Assistants were given the powers of Justices of the Peace and called Magistrates. These magistrates could hear civil suits under than 20 shilling increased to 40 shillings in and handle misdemeanors such of profanity or drunkenness in their own towns.