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Divorce Records Online is the easiest way to view a divorce record online in Indiana. All you need is a few pieces of key information to find the divorce record you require. There is a link somewhere on the main page for public records, as there is in any county in any state throughout the country.

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You can choose to narrow the search to divorce records, and then you can enter the first and last name of at least one person listed on the divorce record. Their public record appears, and you can view it as a PDF on your computer. Anyone in Indiana can obtain a copy of a divorce record, but only the person listed on the record, the children of the persons listed, or the parents of the persons listed on the Indiana divorce records in question may obtain a certified copy. The court where the divorce was finalized allows you to walk into the office and request a copy.

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There is a fee, and it varies by location. If you cannot visit in person, call the office and request a copy over the phone. Many offices can direct you to a website to order a copy online, and some will take your application through the mail if you send in a written request. Since the laws vary in each county, taking the time to call is the best way to handle the situation quickly and with ease.

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I have included a link below where you can request your official Indiana divorce records be mailed to you. Please reach out if there are any additional divorce or public records we can assist you with. Looking for divorce for my parents. Email: pandabear yahoo. We have divorce records for a few Robert Quillens from the dates you mentioned. Since these are older divorce records you should check with National Archives to lookup their divorce.

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See below for more details. Visit the National Archives website 2.

Select the state where the Divorce took place in 4. Fill out the form and pay the fee for processing. Unfortunately those divorce records are archived and you will only be able to access them from Indiana Archival Records or the Federal Government Archives. Visit Indiana Archives and Records Administration 2.

Find the relevant County Court Clerk from the list 3. Call the phone number or visit the court in person 4. Request the archived Indiana divorce records 5. Pay the fee for a certified copy of the divorce record. Indiana divorce records are maintained by the vital records office in the county where the divorce took place. You can also check with VitalCheck.

Clerk of Courts / Fulton County, IN

Visit the county Vital Records office where the divorce took place 2. Request a copy of of your divorce records 3. Provide an acceptable photo ID 4. Pay the relevant fee for a copy or certified copy 5. Processing can take up to a few weeks. His death certificate says he did. I believe it is an error on certificate. You can also contact the Indiana Department of Health to inquire about the specifics of his death certificate.

Please reach out to our customer support about your Indiana Divorce Record Report. They can assist you with your divorce record search results. Below is our customer support information for your convenience. If you need an official copy of your Indiana Divorce Decree you will want to contact the courthouse where your IN divorce decree was filed.

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You can talk to the courthouse clerk and request this over the phone. You can also request a copy of IN divorce decree to be mailed to you by submitting a form online. The Clerk is an elected official who serves as an officer of the Court and the manager of Court information.

Indiana Statute provides that the Clerk may serve up to two successive for year terms or eight years in any period of twelve years. The Clerk serves as the chief financial officer for all revenues collected on behalf of the Court, and also serves as a member of the Fulton County Commission of Public Records.

In Indiana, the Clerk is the official who oversees and conducts all elections, as a member of the Election Board.

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The Clerk is responsible for administering and certifying results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.