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These are available from:. Some deaths were also recorded in the Dawes and Guion Miller Applications.

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Complete lists of Rolls, Censuses and where to find them are published in various genealogical books. Records of this nature should be available from the date the specific county was formed and forward. Available from various county clerks; Records of this nature should be available from the date the specific county was formed, and forward. These records are available from:.

Removal of Tribes to Oklahoma

Paul Kutsch — available on microfilm from the Oklahoma Historical Society. They may also be located in the circuit or superior court s where the event occurred. It renders your genealogy less statistical in nature, and more like a story, or family history. Additionally; these materials will provide valuable and rich information for future generations of genealogists.

Also identify and note current location and owners of the family Bible. Most public libraries maintain archives of local papers. Gibson Times from to Get started with the Ft. Content is very limited but ranges from late s to Newspapers are fully searchable by keyword and date, making it easy to quickly explore.

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An account must be created to access content. Chronicling America - Select digital access to American newspapers including 27 newspapers from Oklahoma. Contains over 35 million names in its Ancestral File plus million names in the International Genealogical Index. Oklahoma resources include county marriage records, Five Tribes Allotment applications, school census cards.

Find A Grave - Directory of the locations of graves for over 2. Browse by name and locations. Includes photographs of many of the graves. Oklahoma Historical Society Research Library - Search census, marriage, divorce, prison, and death records. Gateway to Oklahoma History - Browse through thousands of Oklahoma newspaper pages dating from the s to the , photographs and other documents.

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Oklahoma State Archives - Collection of Oklahoma Confederate Pension applications including the form and correspondence. Oklahoma Digital Prairie - Unique digital content spanning more than years of rich, vibrant history from our State. Includes documents, photographs, newspapers, posters, maps and more. Galloway, U.

How A Horrific Murder In Oklahoma Might Turn Half The State Into An Indian Reservation...

Section 30, Act of May 2, , c. Section 31 extended over it certain general laws of Arkansas as published in Mansfield's Digest. Among these were chapters 20, 49, 73, and 97, relating, respectively, to the common and statute law of England, descent and distribution, guardians, curators and wards, and limitations. Section 32 of the same act provided that 'county,' in the laws of Arkansas so extended, should mean judicial division afterwards district , and 'Indian Territory' might be substituted for 'state of Arkansas.

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Section 22, Act of Congress approved July 1, , c. When extended over Indian Territory, the specified laws of Arkansas Carried the settled constructions placed upon them by courts of that state. So construed, they became, in effect, laws of the United States as though originally enacted by Congress for government of the territory. Willis v. Appel, U.

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Chappel, U. See also Byrd v. State, 99 Okl. Oklahoma, with boundaries including Indian Territory, came into the Union November 16, The Enabling Act, approved June 16, , c. That the courts of original jurisdiction of such state shall be deemed to be the successor of all courts of original jurisdiction of said territories and as such shall take and retain custody of all records, dockets, journals, and files of such courts except in causes transferred therefrom, as herein provided; the files and papers in such transferred cases shall be transferred to the proper United States circuit or district court, together with a transcript of all book entries to complete the record in such particular case so transferred.

That all causes, proceedings, and matters, civil or criminal, pending in the district courts of Oklahoma Territory, or in the United States Courts in the Indian Territory, at the time said territories become a state, not ransferred to the United States Circuit or District Courts in the state of Oklahoma, shall be proceeded with, held and determined by the courts of said state, the successors of said district courts of the territory of Oklahoma, and the United States Courts in the Indian Territory; with the right to prosecute appeals or writs of error to the supreme or appellate court of said state, and also with the same right to prosecute appeals or writs of error from the final determination in such cases made by the supreme or appellate court of such state to the Supreme Court of the United States, as is provided by law for appeals and writs of error from the supreme or final appellate court of a state to the Supreme Court of the United States.

No existing rights, actions, suits, proceedings, contracts, or claims shall be affected by the change in the forms of government, but all shall continue as if no change in the forms of government had taken place.

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And all processes which may have been issued previous to the admission of the state into the Union under the authority of the territory of Oklahoma or under the authority of the laws in force in the Indian Territory shall be as valid as if issued in the name of the state.

When this Constitution shall go into effect, the books, records, papers, and proceedings of the probate court in each county, and all causes and matters of administration and guardianship, and other matters pending therein, shall be transferred to the county court of such county, except of Day county, which shall be transferred to the county court of Ellis county, and the county courts of the respective counties shall proceed to final decree or judgment, order, or other termination in the said several matters and causes as the said probate court might have done if this constitution had not been adopted.

The district court of any county, the successor of the United States Court for the Indian Territory, in each of the Counties formed in whole or in part in the Indian Territory, shall transfer to the county court of such county all matters, proceedings, records, books, papers, and documents appertaining to all causes or proceedings relating to estates: Provided, that the Legislature may provide for the transfer of any of said matters and causes to another county than herein prescribed.

Reid et al. Hart, 45 Ark. The opinion declares:. They were adopted early in our state history, being found in the Revised Code section , and remained in force until the adoption of the Civil Code of They required that the application for such an order should be made to the probate court of the county in which the lands are situate. The Act of December 23, , enlarged the scope of purposes for which such sales might be made, and associated 'guardians' with personal representatives ubisupra but made no change as to the tribunal.

It may fairly be inferred that, by this association, the Legislature contemplated that guardians should conform to the same rule, and make their applications for the sale of lands in the county where they lay.

This displays a system by which we endeavor to supply the omission in the act of , which fails to designate the probate court meant, by reasoning from the organic unity of the whole system. Under the statute thus construed, the court for the Southern judicial district, Indian Territory, at Ardmore, had jurisdiction of the guardian's petition to sell.

The cause there was not merely ancillary to the original guardian proceeding in the Central district, wherein Patterson was appointed. It had the status of an independent suit.